Charlie Guerit

18 November 2019

I was a bit anxious, a bit nervous.

Meet Charlie. He grew up on the beaches of Bawley Point, a small coastal town in NSW with a population of 700.

He joined the Tuckwell community in 2016 to undertake Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Security Studies.

Charlie wasn’t quite sure what to expect at ANU and confesses to feeling a bit nervous when he arrived. Encouraged by the many interesting people he met in his first semester and the exciting opportunities around him, he decided to make his four and a half years at university the most memorable of his life.

Charlie threw himself into life at his residential college, St Johns and was chosen to serve as a Senior Resident where he provided community leadership, friendship, and pastoral care to other residents. An avid sportsman, he played in several representative teams and took part in Civic to Surf where his team ran the 290km from Canberra to Bondi to raise funds and awareness for mental health organisation Batyr.

Eager to also contribute to the Tuckwell community, Charlie was elected to be a Scholars House Representative in 2018 and is a regular, smiling face to see in the building each semester.

Alongside his ANU experiences, Charlie has performed both paid and voluntary work for law firms and organisations.

Eager to gain some international experience, he travelled to Indonesia to undertake a course in pacific development policymaking. This opportunity enabled him to learn the dynamics of regional policymaking, analyse the regional development challenges and contribute to the Pacific Update Conference.

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