Lachie Arthur

18 November 2019

I'm really glad that I am here.

Meet Lachie. His upbringing in the Barossa Valley, about 60km north of Adelaide, impressed upon him the nature and importance of close-knit and supportive relationships.

This mindset has guided Lachie’s Tuckwell journey, where he has sought to be measured by the quality of his relationships and the impact of his work, rather than by achievements and accolades. An active member of Scholars House, Lachie has left no stone unturned since joining the Tuckwell community in 2015.

He has been involved in the Global Undergraduate Leaders Program, the IARU Global Summer Program at the University of Copenhagen, and conducted research with Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Service. He also spent a summer on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu where he volunteered at the Vanuatu Little Stars Summer School as a teacher.

An aspiring Doctor, Lachie completed a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honors) in Science where he explored medical research in biological sciences. He is one of many Scholars on the Medicine Pathway Program, which offers select Tuckwell Scholars an assured pathway between a single or double undergraduate degree at the ANU to the ANU’s Doctor of Medicine and Surgery Program.

Lachie developed his medical expertise both in and out of the classroom. He undertook a rural placement with the Rural Doctors Network, contributed to the ANU Surgical Students Society and is the founding director of the ACT Global Surgery Working Group within the Australasian Surgical Students Association. The Working Group focuses on projects that provide safe, accessible and affordable surgery in low and middle-income countries.

Beyond his academic and professional interests, Lachie was selected to be a 2019 UNICEF Australia Young Ambassador. The culmination of his work in this role was meeting with over fifty federal members of parliament and senators to lobby a report he co-authored titled, “A Climate for Change Report”.

Lachie is an avid long-distance runner who has competed in the famed ANU Inward Bound competition on five occasions. His team won the Division 3 competition in 2019.

Having trained hard, he ran a personal best at the 2019 Sydney marathon and is now a mentor/coach for the Refugee Marathon Project, which aims to assist refugees, asylum seekers and recent migrants in Canberra to train for the 2020 Australian Running Festival.

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