Lachlan Campbell

18 November 2019

the sense of community is really great

Meet Lachlan. He comes from Orange, NSW and joined the Tuckwell community in 2016 to pursue a Bachelor Of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor Of Science majoring in Psychology.

Initially, Lachlan was anxious about moving away from all that was familiar. However, since arriving, he has sought to push beyond his boundaries, meet new people, contribute to campus life and to help others succeed. Having gained much from a friendly and vibrant community on campus, Lachlan volunteered his time as a Student Ambassador, helping others to overcome the same worries he once had.

A major focus for Lachie during his time at ANU has been his work with Technical Aid for the Disabled ACT (TADACT), which supports people with disabilities. Lachie applied his engineering skillset for the benefit of others, helping to repair and redesign mobility equipment to improve quality of life.

As so many Tuckwell Scholars do, Lachlan trained for and ran a whopping 42km in the famed ANU Inward Bound competition with his team from Bruce Hall.

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