Oliver Hervir

29 July 2020

I’ve got to know other Tuckwell Scholars and made a diverse friendship group

Meet Oli. A scholarship provides students with a world class education, a life changing experience, new friends and mentors. For many students like Oli Hervir it can also provide the confidence they need to achieve.

To Oli, the scholarship means he is able to focus on his goal of practicing medicine or becoming a medical researcher and to eventually fulfil his dream of giving back to those in need around the world while working with Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors without borders). 

 “You’re always more capable than you think you are,” says Oli.  

 Initially unconvinced about his chances of getting a Tuckwell Scholarship, Oli is now benefiting from one and saying, “Look where I am now."   

 Oli found out about the scholarship when he was researching degree courses at ANU. 

 “I actually didn’t see a lot in myself that made me think that I could get it,” Oli says, but he is thankful that he gave it a shot. 

 “I think the program has encouraged me to come out of my shell and be more outgoing and sociable,” he says. The friends he has made since joining ANU have played a big part in inspiring this new confidence.  

 “I’ve got to know other Tuckwell Scholars and made a diverse friendship group,” Oli says. 

There are Tuckwell Scholars in every discipline across ANU and they come from every corner of Australia, from regional areas to our largest cities.

The Tuckwell Scholarship Program is the most transformational undergraduate scholarship program in Australia. Could you be the next Tuckwell? Find out.   

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