Sahibjeet Bains

29 July 2020

you just have to be genuine, have a passion and be willing to give back

Meet Sabi. He grew up with education all around him. While some kids might have been embarrassed to have a parent as a teacher, he credits going to school with his mother everyday as being one of the reasons he has achieved so much. 

“Being the teacher’s kid was one of the greatest things. My mum always pushed me to achieve academically and I think that one of the biggest impacts on my life has been her being a teacher,” says Sabi.   

Applying for Tuckwell Scholarship to support his passion for education and economics was a last-minute decision for Sabi.  

‘I learned about the Tuckwell four days before the deadline. I thought the ANU was a research university, I didn’t know that it accepted undergrads,” Sabi says.  

“I did a bit of research and realised it was the best university for undergrads in Australia, the best for economics and I ended up applying.”  

Sabi felt that the Tuckwell attributes truly represented him even when he felt he was not the most academically gifted of his classmates.  

“The first time I read through [the attributes] I thought in my head ‘tick, tick, tick’, which for some students may not be the case, but if you feel that way about even a few of them you should apply.’

To Sabi, there is no such thing as the perfect Tuckwell Scholar, but that’s is a good thing.  

“Everyone is here for a different reason, which I think is just amazing,” says Sabi. 

“You don’t have to have been school captain, you don’t have to have attended international competitions, and you just have to be genuine, have a passion and be willing to give back.” 

For Sabi, giving back is the most important aspect of the Tuckwell Scholarship and has put him in a position to change the world around him. 

“I would like at the end of 20 years to have helped a million people, rather than have made a million dollars, because I really think that’s what we are here for.” 

The Tuckwell Scholarship Program is the most transformational undergraduate scholarship program in Australia. Could you be the next Tuckwell? Find out.   

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