Dr Ryan Goss

Ryan Goss is a Queenslander working on human rights law and constitutional law at the ANU. 

Ryan grew up in Brisbane and did his undergraduate study at the University of Queensland in Arts (American Studies & History) and Law.  After a year and half working for a judge and as a commercial lawyer, Ryan went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, where he studied for his masters and his doctorate. After teaching at Oxford for a couple of years, Ryan came to the ANU in mid-2013. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the ANU College of Law.  

Ryan has a number of pieces of published scholarly research, and has regularly written and spoken in the national media on a variety of public law issues. Outside the ANU, he holds appointments as a Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development (Sydney/Melbourne), and a Non-Resident Expert at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy (New Delhi). He has also done consultant and voluntary work for several legal NGOs.

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