Stage 2 Candidate Guidance Notes




Applicants who progress to Stage 2 are required to read this page in full, and to follow the instructions contained herein before commencing their Stage 2 application.

Notification of progress into Stage 2

Applicants who progress to Stage 2 will be notified by Wednesday 26 April 2017. An email will be sent to all candidates, both successful and unsuccessful, at the email address provided in the Stage 1 application. If you have not received an email by 3:00pm AEST Wednesday 26 April, please contact At 10:00am AEST Wednesday 26 April, shortlisted candidates will be able to access their application to complete Stage 2.

Please note that, due to the large number of applications we receive, it is the policy of the Tuckwell Selection Panel not to provide any individual feedback on the applications.

About these Guidance Notes

In order to complete your Stage 2 application, first you must read these guidance notes. You will not be able to access the rest of your application until you have read the guidance notes and acknowledged as much at the start of your online application.


Your Stage 2 application must be submitted by 3:00pm AEST Tuesday 9 May 2017. Your Principal’s reference must be submitted via the online application system by 3:00pm AEST Thursday 11 May 2017.

Your Principal will not be able to access the system to complete their reference until you have submitted your Stage 2 application.

We recommend that you complete and submit your Stage 2 application well in advance of the deadline, so that your Principal has time to complete their reference (we suggest that applicants submit their application by Thursday 4 May). Please be careful about submitting your application on time, as no candidate will be granted an extension.

We strongly recommend that you speak with your Principal as soon as you have been notified of your progress to Stage 2, to let them know that they will be required to submit a reference on your behalf and to ensure that they will be available to do this. We would also encourage you to direct them to the following resources:

Further tips on how to ensure that your application is fully submitted by the deadline are included below.

Answering the questions

The Tuckwell Selection Panel wants to assess each applicant as an individual, so it is important that you write your application on your own. Do not ask anyone else to edit or change your work.

In submitting your application you acknowledge that all the work is your own, and that you understand the instructions contained in these guidance notes.

The Stage 2 application asks a number of questions about your personal opinions. As these questions are designed to encourage you to reflect on yourself and your experiences, you will likely need to complete your application over a number of days (please see below about saving and reviewing your application).

Some questions may be ambiguous. Decide how you think each question should be interpreted and answer it honestly. There is no universally “wrong” or “right” answer. However you interpret the question, make sure you are answering the question that has been asked.

Save, review and submit your application

We strongly recommend that you write your answers up in a Word document so that you can edit your responses and keep a copy for your records. This will also help to avoid grammatical or spelling errors.

Furthermore, we recommend that you save your answers in the online application form. This will prevent any loss of work and allow you to review your application as you go.

Please review your application carefully, as you will not be able to edit your application once it has been submitted.

Finally, please remember to submit your application – saving the application does not submit it. The ‘submit’ button is located at the bottom of the page.

Make sure that your Principal Reference has been submitted

Please take the following steps to ensure that your Principal completes and submits their reference by the deadline.

  • Speak to your Principal about your application for the Tuckwell Scholarship. Before writing their reference, your Principal should read the Stage 2 Principal Referee Guidance Notes. These notes include a list of the questions they will be asked in the Principal Reference. Please also confirm that they are aware of the deadline for the Principal Reference (3:00pm AEST Thursday 11 May 2017). No extensions will be granted beyond this time.

Once you have submitted your Stage 2 application, your Principal will receive an email inviting them to complete their reference. It is your responsibility, after submitting your application, to check that they have received this email. If your Principal has not received the email, please do the following:

  1. Check that you have correctly entered their email address in your Stage 2 application. If not, please go back into the system and update it. It may take up to two hours for your Principal to receive the new registration email. Please then check whether they have received the new invitation.
  2. Check whether your school’s firewall protections have blocked the email. It could be sitting in a SPAM folder, or somewhere on the school’s IT network. Please speak with your school’s IT team so that they can address this problem.

If after taking these steps your Principal still has not received the email, please contact immediately. No extensions of the deadline will be granted for such technical issues.

It is the Selection Panel’s strong preference for your Principal to complete the Principal Reference. However, if your Principal is unable to complete the reference (e.g. because they are ill, on leave, at a conference, or have a conflict of interest), it is your responsibility to make arrangements for your Deputy Principal to complete the Principal Reference by 3:00pm AEST Thursday 11 May 2017. No extensions of this deadline will be granted.

How to change your Principal’s email address

If your Principal has not yet registered on the Tuckwell application system, you will still be able to log back into your Stage 2 application and switch the email address to that of your Deputy Principal. Your Deputy Principal can explain in their reference why they are completing the application rather than your Principal.

If your Principal has already registered on the Tuckwell application system, you will need to email in order to change their name and contact details to those of your Deputy Principal. Our office will enter the new contact details manually and send an email invitation to your Deputy Principal.

Confirmation of Reference Submission

Once your Principal has submitted their reference, you will receive a notification at the email address which you provided in your application. It is your responsibility to check that your Principal has received the email, completed the reference, and submitted it by the deadline.

The Principal Reference is confidential. You will not be able to see your Principal’s comments.  

Contacting the Tuckwell office

The Tuckwell office is staffed during business hours, Monday to Friday, and is not open on weekends or on Anzac Day (Tuesday 25 April).

To contact the Tuckwell office, please send an email to Please note that, due to privacy reasons, the Tuckwell office will not discuss the contents of an application with parents, teachers or principals without the written consent of the applicant.

Timing of Stage 3 Interviews

Applicants who proceed to Stage 3 will be invited to Canberra for interviews and a campus tour on the weekend of 7-9 July 2017. This is during the school holidays. Please check now that you will be able to make these dates in the event that you are invited to interview.

The costs of the interview weekend (including travel, accommodation and meals) will be paid by the program regardless of where you live in Australia. Applicants who have a long journey will have their interviews arranged such that they can complete their return journey to a reasonable schedule.

All candidates must attend the interview weekend in Canberra. No Skype interviews will be conducted.


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