Stage 2 Principal Referee Questions


Principal Referee Questions


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The student’s application includes results from Years 10, 11 and 12. Were you the Principal for these three years? If not, for which years were you the Principal?

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Is there any academic area in which this student’s achievement is outstanding? 

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Please review the ATAR prediction in the Teacher Reference. This comprises: (i) the percent of your Year 12 cohort who might get an ATAR >95; (ii) the percentage ranking of the student within their cohort; (iii) an interpolated ATAR based on those two inputs; and (iv) a prediction if they do not agree with the interpolated prediction. If you disagree with any of (i) to (iv) shown in the Teachers Form, please tell us your own view.

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If there are any other academic indicators or grades you’d like to include, or you have any comments on the academic performance of the student which have not been documented in the attached reports, please tell us about these here.

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How strongly do you support this application?

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Commitment and contribution to school life

Please select from the statement that best reflects your view of this student. In terms of commitment and contribution to school life and the community, I would rate this student as:

  • Someone who rarely participates
  • Someone who participates regularly
  • Someone who participates and contributes in a variety of ways
  • Someone who actively seeks to improve the life of the school
  • Someone who makes an outstanding commitment and difference to the school



Interpersonal qualities

Please select from the statement that best reflects your view of this student. By interpersonal qualities, we mean the ability of this student to create positive relationships with their peers and members of school staff, and the ability to work well within a group or team. In terms of interpersonal qualities, I would say this student has:

  • [No view]
  • Average interpersonal qualities
  • Good interpersonal qualities
  • Excellent interpersonal qualities
  • Outstanding interpersonal qualities rarely seen
  • A range of outstanding interpersonal qualities I have never seen in a student before





What sets this student apart?

How does this student stand out from the crowd? This may be in terms of personal qualities, significant achievements at school, extracurricular activities, or significant contributions to the wider community.


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Modest application information

Even the best of candidates may not tend to put themselves forward or draw attention to their talent. Is there anything the student has not revealed in their application which you feel we ought to know?

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Contextual information

Is there anything further, inside or outside of school that you think should be taken into account by the selection panel when considering this student’s application? For instance, any factors that have particularly helped or hindered the student.


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Do you have any reservations in recommending this student for a Tuckwell Scholarship? Do you think there is any chance of them electing not to study at ANU if awarded a scholarship?*


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