Stage 1 - Initial application

The first step in applying for a Tuckwell Scholarship is to submit a Stage 1 Application form. This form will ask you for personal details, your education history and information on your extra-curricular activities, as well as other information relating to the selection criteria.  

As part of your application, we also require some information from your teachers. This is split into two parts with the first being academic information about you and your school which should be completed by your Head of Year or equivalent, we expect all applicants from the same school to use the same reference for this part.  The other part relates to your character and achievements which you have the choice whether to use the Head of Year or nominate a different academic teacher who knows you well.

Following the submission of your application, an email will be sent to your nominated teacher and head of year asking them to complete a form.  Your application is due by 3pm (AEDT) Monday 27 March 2017.  Both teacher referee forms are due by Wednesday 29 March.  Note two days is not enough time for the teachers to complete their references and therefore you should endeavour to submit your application as soon as you can to ensure your teachers have enough time to complete their reference forms.  

While you are putting your own application together, consider forwarding your teachers the link to this page so they can access the Guidance Notes (Guidance notes for applicants and referees will be included on this page once the application system opens).

Applicants may wish to read the privacy statement before starting their application.

Please be advised that due to the anticipated high number of Tuckwell Scholarship applications, the University has appointed academic staff from across the campus to review and assess the Stage 1 Applications.

Please refer to the Candidate Guidance Notes as you complete your application as it contains valuable information to help you complete the form correctly. Please note failure to read and follow these Guidance Notes could seriously hinder your chances of making through to the next round.

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