Stage 1 - Initial application

The first step in applying for a Tuckwell Scholarship is to submit a Stage 1 Application form. You will be sent a link to this form when you indicate your intention to apply for a Tuckwell Scholarship when you apply directly to ANU

The Stage 1 form will ask you for some further personal details, your education history and information on your extra-curricular activities. You will be able to apply from Monday 4 March 2020 and both your ANU application and Tuckwell Stage 1 application must be submitted by 3:00pm AEST Wednesday 25 March 2020.
As part of your application, we also require some information from your teachers. This is split into two parts: 

  1. Academic information about you and your school to be completed by your Head of Year or equivalent
  2. A reference relating to your character and achievements which can be completed by your Head of Year or by an academic teacher of your choosing

Following the submission of your application, an email will be sent to your nominated teacher and Head of Year asking them to complete an online form. These reference forms are due by 3:00pm AEDT Thursday 2 April 2020.

As there are only a few days between the deadline for candidates and the deadline for teacher referees, we recommend that candidates get their application form in promptly to give their referees ample time to complete their important part of the application.
We encourage you to notify your Head of Year and academic teacher as soon as possible of your intention to apply for the Tuckwell Scholarship so they can learn more about the application process.

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