Who are we looking for?

Receiving a Tuckwell Scholarship is not just about your intellect. It is about your desire and determination to use your natural abilities to realise your full potential so that you can make a difference in the world.

Scholarships are awarded based on four criteria:

All criteria will be assessed in the context of your school and family life.

We realise everyone is dealt a different hand in life – some into privilege and others into hardship – and that your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) and other achievements to date will be impacted by that. In our view, it is not the hand you are dealt that counts but what you do with it. In our search for potential Scholars, we would like to understand not just what you have achieved, but what hindrances or help you have had to date. We want to give all Scholars a level and high playing field to maximise their potential.

We expect applicants to have a high ATAR, however, we have set the requirement at 95.00 and above, with a range of categories of Educational Access Scheme (EAS) Bonus Points taken into account, to ensure that applicants who have experienced disadvantage, or who have achieved significantly in other ways, may still be eligible. Academic bonus points do not count towards the ATAR requirement for a Tuckwell Scholarship.

We wish to achieve a diverse cohort, comprising students of all different backgrounds, personalities and interests.

To see if you are eligible to apply, visit our Eligibility, terms and conditions page.

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