Eligibility, terms & conditions


The Eligibility Criteria for the Tuckwell Scholarship (entry to ANU in 2019) are yet to be confirmed. While we are not anticipating significant changes, we expect to have next year's eligibility criteria confirmed in early 2018.

To apply for a Tuckwell Scholarship for study commencing in 2018, the following eligibility criteria applied:

  1. Be in Year 12 in 2017;

    Students who are repeating Year 12 or have returned to take on school captain responsibilities are eligible, provided a subject load is being undertaken. Students in their gap year are not eligible to apply. This includes students who have deferred an offer to study at the ANU in 2017.

  2. Be aged between 16-20 years as of 1 March 2018;

  3. Have not previously applied for the Tuckwell Scholarship;

  4. Have studied one or more English subjects (at any level) for at least one semester in Year 11* and achieved a grade of B- or higher or equivalent (5 or higher for IB students) in at least one of those subjects;

  5. Have studied one or more Mathematics subjects (at any level) for at least one semester in Year 11* and achieved a grade of B- or higher or equivalent (5 or higher for IB students) in at least one of those subjects;

    * Tasmanian Certificate of Education applicants are permitted to satisfy one of these conditions by completing the subject in Year 12, provided they did not take that subject in Year 11.

  6. Be predicted by your school to achieve an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 95 or higher (including EAS points);

    Please note that:

    (i) Students attending a school classified as S01E, S01C or S01R under the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) may be eligible for the 95 ATAR requirement to be lowered, possibly to as low as 90, depending on your school’s specific circumstances. If your school meets the criteria for S01E, S01C or S01R and your application progresses to Stage 2, we will let you know of any adjustment to your ATAR requirement, which will take into account your Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA); and

    (ii) Students who fall within other EAS codes listed in the application form, and as set out in the Guidance Notes, will have their ATAR requirement lowered to 90.

  7. Be an Australian citizen or the holder of an Australian humanitarian visa and be connected and committed to Australia;

    This Scholarship is not available to New Zealand citizens, unless they are also citizens of Australia.

  8. Demonstrate the attributes of a Tuckwell Scholar;

  9. Be available to attend in-person the interview weekend in Canberra on 7-9 July 2017; and

  10. Intend to apply to and enrol at ANU as a full-time undergraduate award student commencing in 2018, with ANU listed as your first preference in the August 2017UAC round. 

    Applicants wishing to apply for more than one ANU program are welcome to do so through their first and subsequent preferences.

Other terms & conditions

  • Successful Scholarship applicants will be made a conditional offer of scholarship, subject to achieving the required ATAR and satisfactorily meeting any program admission requirements;

  • Successful Scholarship applicants may not defer their Scholarship nor seek to take up any other Scholarships upon satisfying their conditions of award;

  • Scholars are required to meet ANU expectations for academic progress relevant to the program in which they are enrolled;

  • Scholars are required to live in an ANU residence (Hall, College or Lodge) for at least the first year of their scholarship, and are strongly encouraged to live in an ANU residence for the first few years of their degree.

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