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The Tuckwell Scholarship is a competitive program, with up to 25 places offered each year, Australia-wide. The rewards for the students and the leverage for your school are significant. The Tuckwell Scholarship represents a real opportunity to recognise emerging talent.

We are seeking your expert help to identify those high-potential but rare scholars who are committed to reinvesting their expertise, and who demonstrate the broad range of attributes of a Tuckwell Scholar.

You may have a highly talented student who may not necessarily apply for a competitive scholarship, perhaps because they are too shy or modest to put themselves forward or they feel their background might be a barrier to success. If so, we would ask you to encourage and help them to apply for a Tuckwell Scholarship.

This Scholarship program is one of the most transformational opportunities you can present to your students, unleashing their potential through an exceptional higher education experience.

Applications are welcome from students in schools across the country and we are keen to get a good mix of students from different states and regional areas.

Tuckwell on Tour - coming to a city near you!

During February and March, ANU is travelling across Australia to present the ANU Scholarship Roadshow, featuring the Tuckwell Scholarship.

ANU Senior Executive staff and current Tuckwell Scholars and their parents will be on hand to discuss with you the benefits and opportunities a Tuckwell Scholarship brings to talented and community-minded undergraduate students.

You will also learn about other scholarships and some of the unique and flexible degree offerings found at ANU.

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