The Bell Ringer

Each year the most recent intake of Tuckwell Scholars elects a person from within their year group as their Bell Ringer.

The Tuckwell Bell
The Tuckwell Bell

The Bell Ringer is a prestigious appointment, and is awarded to the Scholar who their peers feel has most consistently demonstrated the Tuckwell attributes, and who they believe best represents them as a cohort and what it means to be a Tuckwell Scholar.

The Bell Ringer is expected to provide leadership within their year of service, and to represent the program on formal occasions.

The title is due to the Tuckwell handbell used in the 'ringing in' ceremony, the centrepiece of the annual Commencement Dinner. The Bell Ringer rings the Tuckwell Bell once for each new Scholar to welcome them to the program.

Commissioned by Graham and Louise Tuckwell, the Tuckwell Bell was cast by Britain's oldest manufacturing company, the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London. The crafting of this handbell from molten metal into sound signifies the transformative impact that the Tuckwell Scholarship program at ANU will have on the lives of the Tuckwell Scholars.

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