Our Founders

The Tuckwells

Our Founders' Vision

The Tuckwell vision is to see highly talented and motivated school leavers fulfil their potential and reinvest their knowledge, skills and experience in ways that positively benefit others. The Program has a focus on giving back to Australia, and is the only one of its kind, which nurtures Scholars to fulfil their broader community ambitions over and above the pursuit of an undergraduate degree.

This Program is designed to be the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship in Australia, for a group of students and alumni that will build over time and who will inspire and support one other to achieve great things.

Philanthropy and Recognition

In 2013, Graham and Louise Tuckwell committed $50 million to establish the Tuckwell Scholarship Program. In 2016, they transformed and expanded the funding of the Program through a partnership with ANU to deliver two world-class halls of residence, Wright Hall and the new Bruce Hall, at a cost of $100 million. Revenue from the Halls is anticipated to provide around $200 million of funding for the Tuckwell Scholarship Program over the next 30 years, and to secure the Program in perpetuity.

In 2015, Graham and Louise each received honorary doctorates from the ANU for their leadership in and substantial contribution to advancing philanthropy in Australia.  In 2022, Graham and Louise were each appointed an Officer (AO) of the Order of Australia (General Division) for ‘distinguished service to the community through philanthropic support of education scholarships’ and Graham for ‘distinguished service to business’.

Dr Graham Tuckwell AO 

Graham Tuckwell is an alumnus of ANU (BEc (Hons) 1978 and LLB 1981).

Graham invented the concept of listing gold on the stock exchange – gold ETFs – and went on to build his company, ETF Securities Limited, into a leading issuer of Exchange Traded Products in Europe, the USA and Australia.  The European and USA businesses were sold in 2018 and the company was renamed ETFS Capital.  From its London base, it now invests its capital in start-up businesses in the ETF eco-sphere. Prior to establishing ETF Securities, Graham worked in corporate advisory and investment banking for 20 years in Australia and London, where he met his wife Louise. Before moving into investment banking, he worked as an economist in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra.

Dr Louise Tuckwell AO 

Louise Tuckwell (née Wright) is an alumna of the University of Queensland (BDSc 1984) where she was awarded a University Medal.

Louise worked as a dentist for a number of years in Australia and the UK. She completed the first year of an MBA at the University of Adelaide before putting her energy into bringing up a family of four children, while managing three international moves with a husband who was frequently travelling all over the world. She has worked on a voluntary basis in schools, churches and other community organisations; has been a founding member of four book groups in three countries; enjoys composting; and has recently taken up quilting as a hobby.


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