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We’re looking for diverse, talented and motivated people who possess the Tuckwell attributes and are deeply connected and committed to Australia.

How to apply

Applying for a Tuckwell Scholarship occurs in three stages and requires references from up to three staff members from the applicant’s school, including the principal:

We realise everyone is dealt a different hand in life – some into privilege and others into hardship. In our view, it is not the hand you are dealt that counts but what you do with it.

In our search for Scholars, we are looking for people who have done the best with what was available to them and have a clear sense of what their future should look like. We wish to select a diverse cohort, comprising students of all different backgrounds, personalities and interests, who will actively engage with life at Scholars House.

All eligible applicants are considered against four criteria:

  1. Academic potential and achievements;
  2. Other significant achievements of any type;
  3. Demonstration of the Tuckwell Attributes; and
  4. Connection and commitment to Australia.

Before commencing an application, we encourage eligible applicants to:

  1. Read the Application Guide
  2. Review the Conditions of Award
  3. Discuss their interest, suitability and eligibility for the Scholarship with a teacher, principal, Head of Year or careers counsellor.
Applications to commence study at ANU on a Tuckwell Scholarship in 2021 open on March 4, 2020 and close at 3pm, March 25, 2020.