The Scholarship

The Tuckwell Scholarship Program is the most transformational undergraduate scholarship program in Australia.

We award 25 Scholarships are each year and offer talented and motivated students the opportunity to realise their potential by providing financial support, personal enrichment and development opportunities. Most importantly, Scholars can connect with and learn from one another within our home on campus, Scholars House.

Financial support 

The financial support offered to you as a Tuckwell Scholar is intended to help you through your university journey, giving you the freedom to focus on what is important.

As a Tuckwell Scholar you will receive:

  • $22,200 per annum (2020 rate) (increasing with inflation) each year for the length of your undergraduate degree program (studying full-time), to cover on-campus residential costs, books and general living expenses
  • priority access guaranteed to ANU-approved student accommodation
  • an allowance of up to $2,000 to assist with your move to Canberra and to support two annual return journeys (e.g. airfares) between your home and the University for each year of your degree. The allowance will be dependent on the proximity of your family home to ANU.
  • an allowance to help cover the transport costs for your parents to attend Commencement Weekend at the start of the program, and
  • an ANU Sports Centre membership for the length of your degree.
A student speaks at a leturn

Leadership development & enrichment 

Scholars have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and develop leadership skills that will help them to make a positive contribution to ANU, their local community and to Australia.

Scholars will be able to:

  • Attend seminars and workshops to develop essential skills, knowledge and behaviours.
  • Design and deliver community-based projects.
  • Learn from and be mentored by senior Scholars.
  • Attend a 3-day camp.
  • Attend Academic Dinners and connect with ANU academics.
  • Contribute to the annual Interview Weekend and other program events.
  • Undertake ANU Vice-Chancellor's Leadership courses.
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Mentoring & support 

Scholars are supported by team of experienced staff who help them to find opportunities, build networks and achieve their personal and professional goals through mentoring, events and workshops.

Scholars have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in orientation events that will help with the transition to university and Scholar life.
  • Receive 1:1 mentoring from an experienced Tuckwell Fellow.
  • Receive support and advice from the Head of Scholars House and Program Staff.
  • Learn from senior Scholars who can help you to transition successfully to life at ANU.
  • Connect with members of our global alumni network and attend alumni events.
  • Enjoy the comfortable and collegial atmosphere at Scholars House.
Students take part in a tug of war

Health & wellbeing 

Scholars are funded and encouraged to pursue activities that promote and sustain health and wellness.

Scholars can:

  • Receive a free ANU Fitness Centre membership (worth $530 per annum) for the duration of the Scholarship OR funding up to $450 per annum for health and wellbeing activities external to the ANU Fitness Centre.
  • Undertake free Mental Health First Aid education (worth approximately $350).
  • Enjoy health and wellness activities held at Scholars House.

Scholars House 

Scholars are welcomed to Scholars House, which is the academic, pastoral and social heart of the Tuckwell community located in the heart of the ANU campus.

Scholars have the opportunity to: 

  • Access Scholars House 24x7, utilising its many study spaces, social lounge and kitchenette
  • Attend events, workshops and activities led by fellow Scholars and Program Staff
  • Enjoy the many opportunities and discussions that organically emerge from active participation in life at Scholars House