Attributes of a Tuckwell Scholar

As a Tuckwell Scholar, you will demonstrate a broad range of attributes that will stand you in good stead to fulfil the Tuckwell vision. We do not expect you to have each and every one of these attributes, however, you will be measured against them throughout the application process.

Smart and lateral thinker

You're innately smart, creative and able to look at situations from different perspectives.


You apply yourself to your work and can resist distractions. Having worked hard means you have probably chosen not to do things you'd like to do because of things you've had to do.

Willing to challenge yourself

You're curious and like to stretch yourself by exploring beyond the limits of what you already know. You're not fazed by change or ambiguity, seeing these as opportunities to learn more.

A good sense of humour

You appreciate humour and see the funny side of things. When you use humour, it is well-intentioned and you engage and motivate others. Most importantly, you can laugh at yourself.


Self-interest is not your principal motive. You are happy for others to achieve, will help them to do so and rejoice in their success – even if they are in competition with you.


You are fair and value a level playing field. You strive for results, but not at the expense of fairness.  


You don't measure yourself by your achievements, but when you do succeed you recognise the contribution of others. You prefer not to seek attention or accolades.


You are able to handle knock-backs with equanimity and can maintain focus. You look for the positive even in challenging situations.

Innately driven and determined

You've a bit of fire in your belly! You have an energy that enthuses and motivates others. You have ambition – but don't trample on others to fulfil it.

Emotionally intelligent

You’re aware of your impact on others and can anticipate the effects of your words and actions. You can articulate your passions without overwhelming people.


You're not fickle. Your reliability earns people's trust and they like your consistency because it reassures. They know where they stand with you.

Refreshingly different

Whether you're the quiet and shy type, a bit of a geek, or the life and soul of the party, you will have talents that make you unique. A position of leadership doesn't make you a candidate for a Scholarship – but it won't bar you either.


There are no hidden agendas with you. You are straight and honest with people and trusted because of it. Your broad-mindedness enables you to value difference even when this does not sit well with your own views.


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