Graham Tuckwell urges Australia's rich to give back

16 July 2015

Graham and Louise Tuckwell donated $50 million to ANU in 2013 to create a transformational undergraduate scholarship. Now the Tuckwells are encouraging other wealthy Australians to give back.

Graham Tuckwell spoke with the Financial Review about philanthropy and giving back to Australia.

"Investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Graham Tuckwell is the latest wealthy Australia to urge his fellow BRW Rich List members to give back to the country that helped make them wealthy.

Tuckwell, who lives in Jersey and has an estimated wealth of $450 million, is visiting Australia as part of the final 2016 student selection for those seeking to win the 25 scholarships offered each year by the Graham and Louise Foundation.

The couple have made a $50 million endowment to the Australian National University in Canberra..."

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