Mentoring & support

Tuckwell Fellows

Tuckwell Scholars receive mentoring and support from the Head of Scholars House and Tuckwell Fellows:

Each Scholar is allocated to a Fellow on their arrival at ANU, and a mentoring relationship is fostered through 1:1 and group meetings.  The focus of support given by Fellows is on helping Scholars create opportunities, build networks and achieve personal and professional goals.

Peer mentoring groups

Each year, small groups of third year scholars are matched with incoming Scholars to form peer mentoring groups. The aim of this mentoring relationship is to help first year Scholars transition to life at ANU.

Scholars are given training in their second year to prepare for this mentoring role.

Early Career Academic Fellows

Mentoring of the Scholars by the Tuckwell Fellows is complemented in their second year with the opportunity to receive mentoring by University House Early Career Academic Fellows (ECAFs). While normally drawn from the University House ECAF program, ECAF mentors for Scholars have been supplemented by other academic staff where there were gaps in ECAF disciplinary coverage, where Scholars made a specific request, or where academics expressed a particular interest in assuming a mentoring role for Scholars.

It is up to individual Scholars if they wish to connect with an ECAF Mentor as they progress through their studies.

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