Scholars consider How Change Happens

24 October 2018

In September and October this year, Scholars from all year groups participated in a discussion series reflecting on Duncan Green's book, How Change Happens.

Throughout September, Scholars met in their year groups to discuss the changes they'd like to see in the communities they are a part of, as well as more widely in Australia and at a global level. Green's book provided Scholars with a framework for these issues to be explored, encouraging Scholars to consider systems thinking, power and activism and how real change can happen in a complex world. 

The series culminated in an inter-year group reflection and workshop, where over 60 Scholars from first year to fifth year, gathered to delve further into a smaller range of areas. These included issues such as the University's response to sexual assault on campus, influencing policy in indigenous affairs, and increasing the uptake of renewable energies in Australia. 

The discussion series was a collaborative project between Tuckwell Staff and Scholars and its success has paved the way for further events to be structured in a similar way. 

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