2021 Bell Ringer Announced

5 September 2022

We are pleased to announce that Mariane Johnstone has been elected to the position of Bell Ringer for 2021.

Elected by the most recent Scholar cohort, the Bell Ringer is a prestigious appointment awarded to the Scholar who has most consistently demonstrated the Tuckwell attributes, and who best represents what it means to be a Tuckwell Scholar.

As Bell Ringer, Mariane has the opportunity to provide leadership within her year of service and can represent the program on formal occasions.

The position title stems from the Tuckwell handbell used in the 'ringing in' ceremony at the annual Commencement Dinner. The Bell Ringer rings the Tuckwell Bell once for each new Scholar to welcome them to the Tuckwell community.

Mariane is currently studying Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability with a Bachelor of International Relations. She is passionate about sustainability and is an ACT brand ambassador for Green Caffeen, a free reusable cup system. She moved to Canberra from Hawthorndene, SA.

Mariane joins an impressive list of Scholars elected to the position:

2014    Matthew Jacob         

2015    Mary Parker

2016    Max Moffat

2017    Sahibjeet Bains

2018    Ryan Mannes

2019    Ellie George

2020   Isaac Martin

Congratulations, Mariane!


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