Conversations abound at Later Year Academic Dinner

30 August 2018

Every year in Second Semester, Scholars in their 3rd year and above are invited to attend the Later Year Academic Dinner. Prior to the dinner, Scholars are asked to nominate academic staff whom they have been inspired by over the course of their studies - and would like to converse with in a more relaxed and social setting than a lecture theatre or tutorial room. 

This year's Later Year Academic Dinner was held on the 14 August in the University House Common Room, and featured keynote speaker, Professor Elanor Huntington, Dean of the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science. Professor Huntington shared with Scholars and invited guests her journey to becoming a College Dean at ANU, and outlined some of the challenges and opportunities of the College's Reimagine project, which seeks to reimagine a new type of engineering and computing, one that is custom built and fit for the middle of the 21st century.

The Dinner was a wonderful opportunity for Scholars to initiate, renew and deepen connections with academic staff from around the University - both those they'd invited, and those they sat next to as a result of the customary "changing of places", executed just prior to dessert.

A similar Early Year Academic Dinner is held in Semester One each year for Scholars in their first and second years, and both dinners are considered by many Scholars as signficant highlights of the Tuckwell Scholarship Program.

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